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Decay Prevention During and After Orthodontic Treatment

We emphasise to all our patients the importance of good oral hygiene to ensure a successful treatment outcome with healthy teeth and gums. We will guide and monitor our patients’ oral hygiene to minimise the onset of irreversible tooth decay, discoloration and gum diseases.

While our orthodontists, Dr. Lim Hong Meng and Dr Audrey Tan It Sing, focus on improving our patients’ teeth alignment and bite, our dental hygienist, Ms Chua Kaizi, will keep an eagle eye on our patients’ oral hygiene so as to minimise any signs of decay or gum problems. Ms Chua is trained in recognizing the potential risk factors for gum disease and tooth decay and she is very patient in showing and advising our patients on the best preventive methods during orthodontic treatment.

We provide a comprehensive preventive programme that includes:

  • Home-Care Instructions and Diet Counselling
  • Professional cleaning with Scaling and Air Polishing; Plaque and Stain Removal
  • Flouride Varnish application to strengthen the tooth surface and protect against tooth decay
  • Fissure Sealants in children to prevent decays commonly found on biting surfaces of molars
  • This programme will also include patients who have completed orthodontic treatment and are in retainer retention maintenance


Prevention is a necessary part of positive orthodontic treatment outcome. Our in-house hygienist will be able to monitor your oral health closely and perform thorough professional cleanings with special attention to your orthodontic appliances. One useful treatment is the Prophyjet, which sprays high-pressured water and sodium bicarbonate powder to blast away soft but sticky deposits such as dental plaque around the brackets.

For patients who have difficulty maintaining proper oral hygiene, this challenge becomes even harder when orthodontic treatment is initiated. Our hygienist strives to educate these individuals with the necessary tools and tips to achieve an optimal oral environment during their treatment to prevent the risks of tooth decay and gum diseases.

With proper guidance and assessment, orthodontic patients will understand the appropriate home-care regimens throughout their treatment, providing a healthier foundation for the orthodontic treatment and ensuring a successful treatment outcome.