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Corrective Jaw Surgery

Orthognathic Surgery, or corrective jaw surgery, may be indicated in individuals with severe jaw discrepancies. The primary objective is to put the respective upper and lower jaws in the correct spatial position, thereby restoring function, speech and dramatically improving the facial appearance.

However, this is a major surgical operation and patients will be counselled on the possible risks and complications and to weigh the risks and benefits before embarking on this procedure.

With the advancement in orthodontic treatment techniques and the recent introduction of micro-implants as temporary anchorage devices (TAD) in orthodontics,

orthodontists are now able to push the envelope of non-surgical treatment and convert many borderline surgical cases and help many patients who are not keen on orthognathic surgery.

Hence, orthognathic surgery may only be reserved for the most severe of cases.

The decision for orthognathic surgery should not be taken lightly. Patients are advised to seek different opinions as even different orthodontists and oral surgeons can differ in their opinions regarding the need for orthognathic surgeries.