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Congenitally Missing Teeth / Loss of Teeth

Congenitally Missing Teeth is the incomplete development of the full complement of permanent teeth. The causes are hereditary or unknown.

Most patients or parents are not even aware…

if the condition involves just a single missing permanent tooth. In severe cases, multiple permanent teeth can be congenitally missing.

Missing teeth should be detected and managed at an early age as multiple missing permanent teeth, especially of front teeth, can be an aesthetic concern.

It can have an adverse psychological effect on children during their growing-up years. It can also affect the dental and jaw growth and development, thereby further affecting the facial appearance.

Proper early orthodontic management of missing teeth can address the aesthetic and psychological impact as well as the functional (speech, chewing) and dentofacial growth issues.

Properly planned orthodontic treatment will also help to minimise or obviate the need fordental replacements such as dentures, bridges or implants.