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Short Term Treatment

Who hasn’t heard of someone who has had braces when younger and found it a challenge to continue the retainer wear and resulted in teeth and bite starting to change for the worse?

Or you are only concerned with the alignment of a few front teeth in an otherwise good bite?

The following options may be offered to you after our orthodontists have done their assessment.

Active/ Passive Retainers

Retainers hold your teeth in their current position and prevent teeth from moving. If you have a tooth that requires “a little nudge” to make it better, we can make some adjustments to your retainers to actively re-align your teeth into place.

Social Six Braces

If you are only concerned about the front crowding with a limited time frame to work with, Social Six treatment may be the option for you. Social Six braces is just a fancy and catchy term to describe orthodontic treatments that are limited to only the six front teeth. Removable retainers or sectional fixed braces (labial or lingual braces) may be utilized but its effectiveness is limited to mostly mild crowding with otherwise good bite.

Niti Bonding

A thin arch-wire is bonded on your teeth without the use of brackets to achieve simple movement. Low force is used to move teeth gently.

Though short-term treatment is highly sought after, quick fix may not be the best fix. Our orthodontists will carefully examine your suitability, with consideration in providing the best possible treatment outcome for you.