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Our Patients

International Patients

Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre is well-known among locals and foreigners to be one of the few premier private medical centres in Singapore.

Therefore, at Mount Elizabeth Orthodontic Clinic, we have international patients from many countries

(Europe, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, China, Mongolia, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Maldives, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Phillipines, India and Bangladesh- literally a mini-United Nations!

Most of them are expatriates or students working or studying in Singapore.

However, there are many others who fly to Singapore every 3 to 6 months just for treatment.

These overseas patients are seeking opinions and treatment here either due to complexity of their dental conditions or the lack of suitable treatment options and care in their home country.

Our appointments can be conveniently arranged over emails, phone calls or text message. There are usually very few emergencies and these can be easily addressed and managed.

Despite the longer intervals between appointments, it is still possible to complete treatment in good time.